Thank You Armenyl blessed

Thank You

Iremember when and why I started this website. I remember the state of mind I was in, and I can still feel the hope that stirred my heart and mind. It...

A “Flare” for Fashion

Sarah Christian certainly has a flair for Fashion! The creative director of Ghanaian based fashion brand, Sarah Christian Gh, shows off her free-spirited sense of style.
Fashion Feet Ghana by Armenyl blessed

Happy Feet in Ghana

Who doesn't love a perfect pop of color! Ghanaians are huge fans of prints and vibrant colors! We see it everywhere from accessories to clothes on both women and men.
Dreams-in-Ghana-by-Armenyl Blessed


Cape-coast, Ghana 2014 I decided to make a trip to the central region of Ghana last weekend. It was a 4 hour drive to Cape-Coast! I, of course, sle...
Breakfast The Ghanaian Way by Armenyl Blessed

Breakfast the Ghanaian Way

I woke up at 6 this morning and knew exactly what I had a craving for ... I remember the mornings when I was younger; I would drink this out a ...