Somewhere amidst it all, I felt myself surrender.

Note: Fly

What if I fall? Oh but my darling, What if you fly?

Pretty Blooms

Anytime, I post a picture of a flower, I struggle a little thinking of what to say in the post. I can never think of a good excuse other than they always catch my eye and  I really like taking pictures of them(...
Spring cherry blossoms photographed by

Happy Spring!

Brace yourself: the first sign of spring is also the shameless revelation of my crazy obsession with flowers. Get ready for a 1,890,982,120 posts about how I'm so excited for Spring!!--each one apologizing for ...


I have never really been to any place quite like this before

Happy 1st Day Of Spring

You know I will seize any opportunity to post a picture of flowers on here!! Even if, and especially when it's snowing outside on the first day of spring! Here's to more beautiful spring blooms. xo Armenyl...

Today’s Detail

Putting together a list of my favorite phone apps for an upcoming post.