You don’t have to wait any longer! It’s here! The second part to the vivid print collection from the Fine Print Series. Blessed

Chalk and dapper! Oh Céline, you make my heart melt with this multicolored, split personality coat. I love the random bursts of color that cover this otherwise chalk and black coat. I don’t even have to say it; you already know I’m digging this art piece! This print certainly has a split personality and is perfect for those who want a vibrant print, but with a slightly washed out or toned down effect—very much like the Valentino coat in the first chapter.

Still interested in mixing your prints, you might want to take notes from how well Fashion Blogger, Susie Bubble (pictured above), does it here! Pair this Céline Coat with your favorite boyfriend jeans, and you are good to go! BlessedIf you are talking about a bold, vivid, striking, eye-catching print, you might want to look no further than this one here (but please look further because I have more on the list 🙂 ) . I can’t imagine anyone going unnoticed walking by in this jacket, it’s colorful and vibrant, and it embodies all things vivid. Despite, it’s loud personality, there are still a number of things you can pair this with including, dare I say it, mixing prints. But I will leave that to the brave-hearted. What are your styling ideas for this jacket? Blessed

There a couple of things I love about this skirt—and when I say “a couple” I’m just being sensitive to your time: I love that it’s a print skirt, and an absolutely beautiful one for that matter, on top of that, I love that it’s a mosaic-print skirt, beyond that, I love that it’s a bejeweled-mosaic-print skirt! What more could a girl ask for? It’s a no-brainer that I’m all about the details, and here, with this Venetian and Byzantine inspired mosaic-print, I’m swooning. Talk about a print with character and style! Dress up or dress down, it doesn’t matter; this statement skirt will do all the work for you! Paired beautifully here with a black blazer layered underneath a creamy white coat, this Dolce & Gabbana skirt is a showstopper. blessed

Don’t go soft on me now. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to (pan)tone it down. We are talking about my favorite vivid prints here; we might as well go out with a bang, right? And what can say color more than Pantone colors themselves. This vivid print is direct and straight to the point. It leaves little room for subtlety, but still manages some form of fresh airiness that make me dream of spring and summer. I can think of creative ways to rock this outfit! But I want to hear from you now. Which of these were your favorite look? And what are your styling ideas?



All the photos shown here, including the graphic design, much like the rest of the content on, were photographed and created by Armenyl. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making them!

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  • Freida

    Both Chanel prints are on my wish list! I am addicted to prints! lovely selection. And also beautiful photos!