Winter days

Empty streets during the winter days can be quite beautiful
Before Ellicot City Maryland July 30 2016 Flood photographed by Armenyl Photography

Love to Ellicott City

I can only wish healing back to this beautiful town, the same way it did for me. Support the recovery efforts in Ellicott City after the July 2016 floods and help us rebuild our beautiful town.

Walking into a Painting

Imagine stepping outside your home or office and finding the streets filled with artist painting at every corner!
Tersiguel's French Country Restaurant in Ellicott City photo by Armenyl

Today’s Detail

This charming place downtown Ellicott city makes me anxious for Spring

Afternoon Tea

I first heard of the Tea on the Tiber room from it pretty windows on Ellicott city Main Street. All I ever did was take pictures of the windows, but I never went in because it was always closed. One Friday, I p...