To some of you, the title of this post is as similar to my asking why I wasn’t warned that batteries die, or that JLO and Diddy weren’t going to make it. I called her JLO how archaic of me! Basically, to all you make-up gurus out there this is not rocket science. Well, that brings me to this revelation: I am not per say a newbie to make up, but I might as well call myself one considering how inexperienced I seem to be. Don’t ever gift me with eyeshadow! I have no idea what to do with it! Or ask to me to contour or whatever! However, when it comes to lipstick! Yes, that’s my comfort zone! I even call it my personal Chapstick which is ironic because my favorite kind of lipstick is matte!  Now, given the title of this post, I am clearly not an expert when it comes to foundation, but I still feel I know a thing or two, enough to not need supervision at least! …

… Until that hot summer afternoon last year. It was hot! And I was trying to get into a building in time for my appointment. However, on my way in, I met this fellow who decided that then was the best time to inform me about a deal that was going on with a certain product. What I thought was happening to my face all the while he was talking was a little bit of perspiration. He was one of those people who teases you with a conclusion to the conversation but never really takes you there. By the time I was able to get past him and make it to the nearest bathroom, it was too late. I took one brief second to be mortified, and then laughed at my reflection in the mirror. It was actually really hilarious.

When I got home, google search and I had a dialogue about the alternatives to using foundation over the summer. Even though, I am an occasional wearer, I wanted to know how others survived in super hot climates. Google gave me the usual related to unrelated finds at a point I was watching bob the builder. Among relevant news, I found that both bb creams and tinted moisturizer were great alternatives. I also found a pretty cool tinted moisturizer/BB cream trick by the end of my quest. Some of you may already know this, but for those of you who don’t, and prefer not to use foundation, like ever! Here’s how:

You’ll need:

1. Your favorite concealer

2. Your favorite moisturizer

Take your normal dosage of moisturizer into your palm and add only a few drops of your favorite concealer.(1 part concealer to 4 parts moisturizer)

Mix well! This step is very important, otherwise you will have a bunch of concealer at the base of the moisturizer when you are done.

Apply with fingers or buff it in with a foundation brush!


How this works

The concealer does well to cover any imperfections just like a foundation would while the moisturizer helps to tone down the thickness or heaviness of just using a concealer all over the face! Eek!

Now you have the perfect balance of sheer and thickness to create a flawless lightweight finish! And it’s very natural looking! There’s barely anything there, but great coverage! Plus your skin gets to breathe! And who doesn’t love a great woosah?!  It is also possible to build this up, but be mindful of the type of moisturizer you use – a really oily one would make you look like a grease monkey, if you build up by applying more.


Have you tried this? How did it work for you?! Comment below!


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  • Sheryll B.

    I love this!! Great idea! Can’t wait to try it.