I have been dying to tell you about my beautiful weekend away with my family at the beach! A vacation was long overdue, and I couldn’t haven’t picked a more perfect one.

I had an absolutely amazing time filled with the dreamiest of pastel colored skies, beautiful sunrises, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable magical moments
Beautiful Pastel skies at the beach by photograher Armenyl, Armenyl.com Beach Front View in Ocean City, beach chairs, carousel hotel by photograher Armenyl, armenyl.com Dreamy beach, summer, The Beach by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyright

It’s been a long time since I went on a real vacation. Most of my vacations have been about checking off long touristy-to-do-lists and doing tons of walking. This time, it was just nice to enjoy a long weekend at the beach relaxing and basking in the most beautiful sunlight.

Beach Chairs from my Oceanfront room by photgrapher Armenyl, armenyl.com

My morning by the beach, beach splash, a la plage, by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyright-2

One of my favorite moments was paragliding at 800 feet in the sky! It was scary and crazy and amazing all at the same time. We must have been up there for about 15mns, 10mns of which I spent going over all the horrible thing that could happen (like my hands getting too slippery, something getting into my eye or basically just jumping down at my free will!) and the last five minutes I spent rattling (partly because I was still nervous) about how unbelievable and wonderful it all was: the view from up above, the skyline, the birds flying below us, and how I hadn’t fainted yet…In the Summer, Paragliding in Ocean City by photograher Armenyl on Armenyl.com copyright

It still gets my heart beating a little faster just thinking about how fun and crazy it all was. In fact, I think I might just be ready to try skydiving. On second thought, mayyyybe not.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords Masterpiece Sandcastle by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyrightAmazing Sand Sculpture!

…and here I was sitting proudly next to the two mounds of sands I had the nerve to call sand castles!

Guess some of us will just to stick drawing hearts in the sand…

blue beach chairs and flowers by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyright-2My morning by the beach by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyrightFor an extra adrenaline rush I got on a speedboat and sped around the ocean for about an hour! It was just when the sun was setting, and the pretty light glistened over the ocean, pouring its rays through the splashing water–everything sparkled!!! It was juuustt incredible!! I can still see it when I close my eyes, it’s all I’ve got since I couldn’t carry my camera with me, but out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by the most spectacular light glistening everywhere  is something I want to experience again and again.My morning by the beach sunrise, glistening light, sparking beach photos by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyright-2 Walking to the beach by Armenyl photography, Armenyl.com copyright My morning by the beach by Armenyl photography Armenyl.com copyrightSpeaking of the most beautiful light, I cannot forget my early mornings by the beach watching the sunrise!! It is one of the things I miss the most.

Beautiful beach waves and ocean photography by Fashion Blogger Armenyl Armenyl.com copyrightI miss it the most.


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