By now, you probably know that my favorite activity is strolling around aimlessly. I’ve always loved what you discover getting lost in unfamiliar and even familiar cities. For example, two days ago I stumbled upon an outdoor contemporary art exhibition consisting of green water fountains and parts of the road covered in tiles! Only in Paris! Then I walked over to my favorite bridge, Pont Alexandre, and crossed over until I happened upon Musée de l’Armée. I spent a few hours there reading about the French Military and war victories of Napoleon and then I wandered out to follow bunnies! Yes, my life is really beginning to sound like Alice in Wonderland. Green water fountains, streets covered in blue tiles, chasing rabbits…Here’s the dramatic ending: From afar I could see the sun setting on the Eiffel Tower in the sky. It started to rain, but I didn’t care.  As if it were my compass, followed the Eiffel Tower, like a star in the sky, for 30 minutes until I stumbled upon this view!The city of Paris photographed by

Always worth it!