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The Heavens

The Heavens

Thanking God for the Beauty of His Hands.
In the Kitchen photo by

In The Kitchen

Making Crème Anglaise on a sunny afternoon in Versailles.
A Wang

Finally Wang

After waiting so long, this is finally happening tomorrow! It's been one tease after the other: First,...
Afternoon Tea Photo by Armenyl

Afternoon Tea

I first heard of the Tea on the Tiber room from it pretty windows on Ellicott city Main Street. All I ever did was take pictures of the windows, but I never went in because it was always closed. One Friday, I popped by with my mom and they were opened! We...


Stephanie Bertram Rose, Armenyl Marilyn NYC, Premium Paris, FM models

S. Rose

After seeing her face all over Tumblr, I cannot believe that when I met Stephanie, I could not remember where I knew...


The Heavens

Thanking God for the Beauty of His Hands.

Lighten Up

Sometimes our best comes out during our worst times.

My Story II : Here and Now

...Then I realized that, in a way, I am just doing what everyone is doing; telling the same story as everyone else. I’ve been looking for other cities in my town, when my town has its own unique story to tell. And by doing this, I’ve been missing out on the beautiful story that resides here.

My Story

& how I came to fall in love with my "ugly."

Love, Armenyl

Diary : Creations, Projects, and DIYs


Here and Now

When I started the Here and Now challenge, I did not know how life changing it was going to be. Being on a mission to find beauty wherever I go has been one of...