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Grey and Blue suits Men's Street style at New York Fashion Week 2015 by

Denim & Grey

It is probably safe to say grey has bumped itself up to one of my top 10 favorite colors, and I may have become quite...

Girl About Brown

Shades of brown were quite popular in New York this Past Fashion Week on both Men and Women. It was often paired with denim or in a monochrome look of all brown shades. I am not a big coat buyer, although I spend a significant amount of time fawning over...


The Heavens

Thanking God for the Beauty of His Hands.

Lighten Up

Sometimes our best comes out during our worst times.

My Story II : Here and Now

...Then I realized that, in a way, I am just doing what everyone is doing; telling the same story as everyone else. I’ve been looking for other cities in my town, when my town has its own unique story to tell. And by doing this, I’ve been missing out on the beautiful story that resides here.

Love, Armenyl

Diary : Creations, Projects, and DIYs


Here and Now – Ghana Edition

Yummy coconut after Sunday's Church service, quite too many visits to the beach, enjoying the warm African sun by the pool on the hills of Hillburi are only a few of my long list of favorite moments in Ghana