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Happy New Years Armenyl


Happy New Year!
sexy tomboy look by Armenyl

Get The Look: Sexy Tomboy

I've always loved the classic tomboy look, mostly for its casual and seemingly relaxed aspect, but I've also always...
Bucket bag, Mansur Graviel vs. Forever 21, fashion finds

Credit Card Confessions: Trick or Treat

I have been eyeing Mansur Gavriel's bucket bag for sometime now, unfortunately I spent too much time staring and less time buying and now it is completely sold out on net-a-porter, but...



The Heavens

Thanking God for the Beauty of His Hands.

Lighten Up

Sometimes our best comes out during our worst times.

My Story II : Here and Now

...Then I realized that, in a way, I am just doing what everyone is doing; telling the same story as everyone else. I’ve been looking for other cities in my town, when my town has its own unique story to tell. And by doing this, I’ve been missing out on the beautiful story that resides here.

Love, Armenyl

Diary : Creations, Projects, and DIYs

Paris Street Portraits by Armenyl

Happy New Year

If I had to describe 2014 with one word, I'd say finding "strength." It wasn't the easiest year, but it surprised me how well that still turned out. I...