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Royal Senchi Photographed by

Ghana Diary – “Here’s a place I visited to relax”

In honor of Ghana's 58th Independence day celebration and because these photographs are long over due, I will be sharing a couple of posts about Ghana from Food to Places to Fashion. This one is about a stunning resort I visited to relax. Stay Tuned for more post from my "Ghana Diary"
cover Kristina Bazan photographed by

Kristina in Stella McCartney

Every time I post a street style photograph of New York Fashion Week, I'm reminded of one more color or stunning coat my closet is lacking. I'm the least fashionable during winter time because I don't always see the point of wearing pretty clothes underneath...

Pretty Pink

Where soft colors were to be spoken for, pink barely made an appearance this fashion week. It was light blue and the occasional yellow that did, and like pink, it was refreshing to see among the moody greys and bright whites this season. Maybe it had less to...


The Heavens

Thanking God for the Beauty of His Hands.

Lighten Up

Sometimes our best comes out during our worst times.

My Story II : Here and Now

...Then I realized that, in a way, I am just doing what everyone is doing; telling the same story as everyone else. I’ve been looking for other cities in my town, when my town has its own unique story to tell. And by doing this, I’ve been missing out on the beautiful story that resides here.

Love, Armenyl

Diary : Creations, Projects, and DIYs

Flower market in Paris photo by Armenyl for Happy First day of Spring

Happy 1st Day Of Spring

You know I will seize any opportunity to post a picture of flowers on here!! Even if, and especially when it's snowing outside on the first day of spring!...