Calendar: August

2Paris-Print,-Calendar-August-prints-by-Armenyl.comI’ve wanted to share this post with you for a long time, but I never seemed to find the right time. I decided a month ago that the eve of my birthday would be perfect. (I was going to go with my birthday itself, but I decided that I would just tell you that it is my birthday on that day #SpoilerAlert).

As a photographer of a good number of years, there are a certain milestones we get to enjoy. For example, and a popular one as that, is that important transition from a hobby photographer to professional photographer, pricing work, the first photo sale, and the first time you print one of your photos. Printing your photos is not the last stage of the milestones, but it is where I am right now.

Somewhere in April as a gift to myself I got my photo printed (and framed!) for the first time. I had promised myself a while before that, a year ago, a really hard year, that if I survived that year, I will reward myself by getting one of my photos printed.

By God’s grace, I can share this post and this photo as a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness.

I’ve always loved this photo, and have wanted to print it for a long time. It was the last photo I took in Paris. Okay, not the very last, but every photo I took after that photo was taken with too many glasses of wine in my belly, as my friends and I enjoyed a farewell picnic under the light of the Eiffel tower. But that’s not the only reason it is special to me, I happen to think it’s beautiful and I just love to stare at it, so I framed it and put it on my wall. And now here it is: my August Calendar photo, a special photo for an obviously special month.


I’ve also been playing with idea of selling some of my prints online. Maybe that’s another milestone I have to reach.

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