I realize it’s snowing outside. I am fully aware that it will be a terrible idea to step out in the cold in a white lace dress, and that this form of rebellion is only foolishness in disguise, but I’m losing my patience. This white lace dress deserves spring and its blossoming flowers. It deserves a white lace umbrella *adds white lace umbrella to shopping list* and Sri Lanka Cinnamon tea. A novel, it deserves a novel – one beautifully written by Jane Austen. It deserves to be caressed by the gentle brushing of cherry blossoms blowing by. It deserves to know what it feels like to have the peering rays of sunlight between its delicate threads, exploring each and every fiber of its being. It deserves to have its hem kissed by the sea as it traces over its shores. Why, yes, it deserves a stroll along the beach in the company of a cute little puppy and an even cuter boyfriend.  *adds cute puppy and boyfriend prince to list.*

Lacey by Armenyl BLESSEDIt can certainly do well against the white snow, crimson red lips, and an enchanting red rose. But the freezing cold is no pain I’m willing to consider. Like I said, it deserves spring!

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